Top 5 Things To Do Inside With A Toddler When A Blizzard Hits!

December 3, 2018

Many of us prepared for a record blizzard that swept across the Midwest and up through the Northeast. This was the first blizzard in Kansas City since 2011. Why didn’t I realize that blizzard conditions are absolutely crazy. Wind, snow, and ice? I hadn’t seen that kind of destruction since I last watched “Frozen”! OK, I might have actually watched Frozen just a week prior, but that’s not the point. The point is WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO WITH A KID WHEN YOU ARE STUCK INSIDE FOR DAYS!?!?


This is catered towards the 12 months and older age range, since we all know they are difficult to entertain constantly! I can’t watch one more episode of Little Baby Bums!


Below are the best 5 things you can do for when the next blizzard comes (or just right now, because these are cool):



     1. Fluffy Slime

This one takes me back to the preschool/grade school days. It was always exciting when we got to make it, but mom and dad hated the mess it made. This is less of a mess and actually fun for both the kid and the adult! This recipe for the Fluffy Slime is by Little Bins for Little Hands. Check it out!



     2. Pom Poms Through a Tube


This game is crazy simple, but could keep that toddler entertained for a while! All you need for this is a few pom poms (or cotton balls) and a paper towel cardboard tube! You simply tape the paper towel tube to a wall in a vertical position. Let your kid drop the pom poms down the tube into a bowl. You can make it even more entertaining by having several tubes at different angles, still allowing the pom pom to drop to the bowl. This simple idea came from Pintrest!



     3. Sticky Spider Web


Do you have several rolls of painters tape in your basement from every time you paint and buy a new roll, because you are there and can’t remember if you have any? Just me? This game is so simple but will keep the kids happy for hours! Again, this one might be fun for the adults to. This idea is brought to you by Hands On As We Grow. For all the instructions click on the link.




     4. Cloud Dough


If the foamy slime wasn’t enough, this is a great addition or alternative as well, and its Toddler (I put everything in my mouth) safe. This is a great time at the table and allowing the kids to practice their fine motor skills and learn different textures. This always keeps them engaged! AND AGAIN, no worries if they put it in their mouth!


This recipe is from our friends at Follow the link for the toddler safe recipe.




     5. Cereal Sorting Mat


I might be most excited about this. Food and games are always the best kind of games. Especially when it’s dealing with FRUIT LOOPS! This game is so simple but is a great way to challenge those youngins with matching and using fine motor skills. Simply print out the cereal-sorting mat below and have some Fruit Loops on deck! This great idea came from I Can Teach My Child.


Click Here to download the printable cereal sorting map.




These all make great snow day games for both the kids and the parents. Enjoy!



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- MommyMeals


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