9 Ways To Be The Best Friend You Always Want To Be When Visiting A New Baby For The Holidays

December 18, 2018


As many gear up to head home or to grandma's house for the holidays, we often reach out to friends that we can catch up with. A lot of us are very excited to finally see that sweet baby your friend recently had! We get it, babies smell amazing!


We know you want to be the best supportive friend possible, but as a reminder those new parents are under a lot of stress and a lack of sleep. We wanted to put together a list of things to do (or not do) so you can be the absolute best friend possible!

  1. Stick To The Plan

    If you reached out to your friend and set a time to meet up, DO NOT change the time you are planning to swing by. Stick to the original plan.

    The time you agreed to has been included in the routine of the day. Throwing that off could mean the baby is asleep when you show up and you create guilt from the parents because you can’t see the baby. They might try to keep the baby up or worse, wake them up. Bottom line, stick to the plan. Only momma gets to change it, if necessary



  2. Don’t Kiss The Baby

    This is tough. VERY TOUGH. But you might actually save the babies life. Although this sounds weird, it is very serious. It’s known as “The Kiss of Death”. It occurs from an infant catching the herpes virus through a cold sore. The infant’s immune system is not strong enough t

    o fight the virus and can land a baby in the hospital very quickly. EVEN IF you know you don’t have the virus, it’s best practice not to kiss the little baby. Fight that internal urge!


  3. Wash Your Hands

    We hope you do this on the regular anyways, especially during the cold months when illness seems to spread like wild fire. If you've forgotten how, let the Mayo Clinic remind you. Always wash your hands before

    holding the new baby. Momma may ask you to wash your hands, don’t be offended. IF momma doesn’t ask you to, always take action to do it anyways. She will greatly appreciate it and you will move up in that best friend category! Momma will most likely have gallons of hand sanitizer around anyways. It’s perfectly fine to use that, in lieu of washing your hands.


  4. Don’t Bring Clothes That Don’t Fit

    This is really for you, so you don’t waste your money. It’s crazy, but these kids grow so fast! They outgrow clothes every 2 to 3 months’ time in the first 12 to 18 months (and beyond). With that said, be aware of what you are buying in regards to the weather outside or the holiday theme in which you are buying. It really bums a momma out when she has the cutest ugly sweater onesie for her 3 month old but it only fits a 12 month old. We know the ugly sweater would kill at the next office party, but little junior can’t wear that onesie sweater until its mid-June. These outfits go to good will or a different momma friend. Moral of the story, if you find something that is “perfect” buy it in the size that makes sense when they would wear it. Note: No long sleeves in the summer and no tank tops in the winter!



  5. Bring A Gift/Food

    Whatever you do, do not come empty handed! YES, even if you got something for the baby shower. It doesn’t need to be anything major, just something simple and thoughtful. Also, refer back to the tip above if you are planning to bring clothes! Here are some other simple ideas for gifts:

    • You guessed it, FOOD! If you are planning to bring food with you, make sure it isn’t greasy fast food. 1. That’s gross. 2. They’ve probably already had several nights of fast food dinner. Homemade is always best! Make sure to bring enough for everyone! Don’t forget the brother or sister, they need to eat too. With that said, keep it “basic” with whatever you plan to bring. Those kids won’t eat broccoli!

    • Gift cards! This could be for FOOD! I can’t tell you enough how much warm food is a delicacy around the house of a newborn! Lucky for you, MommyMeals has gift cards for your best friend! (MommyMeals Gift Card)

    • Anything “Momma” related. There are several items out there specifically for mom. Those will always be a hit.




  6. Don’t Linger Around

    There is a fine line between showing you care and not driving the new parents crazy! It is stressful around the house. So, when you come set a time (with the parents) to leave and don’t stay a minute after. They will most likely say, “you aren’t being a burden”, but you are (I say that in the nicest way), so get in and hold that baby and get out!


  7. Be Useful - Do Laundry!


    Now, there could be an exception to the rule above. If you show up and get to work around the house, you might even be invited to stick around for dinner! If you have the time for it, help around the house. YOU WILL have to take the initiative on this, as they will most likely tell you not to. PAY ATTENTION! THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO GO SUPER BEST FRIEND! Seriously. Put a load of laundry in or take it to the laundromat. Clear out the sink and run the dishwasher. Pick up what you can around the house. If you are really going all out, call before you show up and see if you can pick up a subscription from the pharmacy AND/OR grab a couple groceries. That’s next level stuff!


  8. Don’t Post That Photo


    We know the world needs to know where you’ve been  

    and who you’ve met. However, it can wait. ALWAYS check with mom and dad before you post any of the pictures you took of the new little nugget. This is simple, but it needed to be said! Better yet, send the photos to mom and dad. They will really appreciate that!


  9. Don’t Give Your Advice

    I’ve saved the best for last. To be the best friend, you must NOT give parental advice. If they ask you about a specific topic (AND YOU ARE A PARENT), feel free to let them know what worked for you. Do not judge or suggest what they are doing is wrong. Every parent has its own style, because every child is different.



Now that you know how to handle meeting your friends new baby, just remember to enjoy their company, love on them, and above all else, be their best friend! They will be calling you, "My Best Friend" in no time! You got this!


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 - Mitch Case



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