9 Best Tips To Beat Sleep Deprivation As New Parents

August 23, 2018

Alright fellas, the verdict is out! No more arguing about the thermostat or changing it when she isn’t looking! Cooler is better! 


One of the biggest challenges as a new parent is getting enough sleep. There is tons of information, even long books, on how to get your baby to sleep, but what about us parents?!?


Although we can’t help you get more sleep, we can equip you with getting the best sleep when you do, finally, get to sleep. We will go ahead and ignore the fact that new parents will lose 6 months’ worth of sleep in the first 2 years of having their new baby. Sounds about right!


When you finally get to rest that head of yours, your body temperature starts to decrease and we start heading towards REM sleep, the holy grail of sleep! Try some of the following tips to beat sleep deprivation or infant insomnia that occurs when having a newborn.



1. Keep the room as quiet as possible. No sound machines, if possible!


2. Get rid of those night-lights in your room. Darkness is best.



3. Cooler is better! They say optimal temperature for sleep is between 60F to 67F. THIS IS FOR MOM/DADS ROOM, NOT THE BABY. Now, if you are in a leaking home like mine, there is no way your house can keep up with that (nor can your checkbook)!




4. If you have troubles falling asleep in cold temperatures, people have worn socks to keep those feet warm to promote the blood vessels to dilate and regulate your temperature better. You can also use a warm water bottle near your feet.


5. Sleep when your baby sleeps! The housework can wait!


6. When people come to visit, don’t hesitate to ask them to watch the baby (if they are qualified) while you catch a couple Z’s.




7. Consider asking someone to send you a 

MommyMeal if you are concerned about dinner being ready! Sleep while dinner is being cooked!

CLICK HERE to order your MommyMeal!


8. As difficult as it may be, try not to stay up and watch your favorite TV show at night. Or while you are up in the middle of the night. Breaking Bad can wait!


9. If worse comes to worst and you can’t find time to sleep, laying down is better than nothing. Find times to keep your little one entertained while you are able to lay down and keep an eye on them! The tricky part is keeping that eye open!


Here is an excellent video to understand the effects of sleep deprivation.




Here is the take away. Worry more about getting the best sleep you can and whenever you can when your newborn arrives. Let the temperature drop in your room. Ask for help. Have a slow cooker meal cooking in the background. Sometimes those nights are long, but those times will pass and you will reminisce on those moments. Take care of yourself in that moment the best you can.


Check out Parenting Advice: 6 Tips for New Parents  for more tips and tricks.


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- MommyMeals

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