5 Pregnancy Myths Debunked!

August 13, 2018


Feeling overwhelmed with information? Now more than ever there is information everywhere you turn. Whether you are getting information from books, other mommas, and best yet, Grandma, there is always something that makes you wonder.



We’ve compiled some of the top 5 pregnancy myths below, so you can put down the books!



1. “Choosing” the Sex of Your Baby!




You have probably searched a thousand articles by now on XY sperm lifespan and have found different answers in each article. It is believed that the female chromosome, Y, is slower but lives longer and that the male chromosome, X, is faster but only has a short lifespan.


Although there are several studies from several different sources on how to “choose” the sex of your baby, we decided to save you some time and stress…


Don’t sweat it. You get what you get!



2. Gender Reveal Based on Right or Left Implantation!



It is widely understood that the sperm determines the gender of the baby. Whether your baby on right side of uterus or baby implanted on left side of uterus, it is up to the sperm to determine the sex.


​After researching about several people that agreed and disagreed on this myth, it came down to an argument of how people we interpreting the ultrasound photo. "Is it stage left or stage right?" What happens when it’s implanted in the middle? Who knows?!


Moral of the story, don’t worry about it. You will find out for sure in just a few more weeks!



​3. Don't Reach Above Your Head. The Cord Will Tangle!




This one is for the grandmas, STOP IT! This is one of the age old umbilical cord myths. "If you put your arms about your head that cord is going to get wrapped around the baby!"


Cords get tangled due to fetal movement, NOT maternal movement!


Fortunately, technology has come a long ways since grandma and grandpa were having babies and these things can be monitored during ultrasound and wellness tests. Not to worry!


Mommas you are fine to put away dishes on the top shelf, assuming that baby bump isn’t in the way! Just don’t lift anything too heavy or over exert yourself.


4. Hairy Babies Cause Heartburn!




“Oh, you have bad heartburn? You’re baby is going to come out hairy!” It's one of the oldest tales in the book.


The question is, do hairy babies cause heartburn? Oddly enough, there have been studies that show a correlation between heartburn and hairy babies. Even parents have agreed to this.


Due to an excess of estrogen, which causes the relaxation of the muscle, which closes off the bottom of your esophagus, you can get some acid splashing back up and cause heartburn. Incidentally, excess of estrogen increases baby hair.


That being said, this is not a 100% guarantee. But hey, at least it helps to think the heart burn is for a reason!


5. Metal Detectors Are Dangerous with Pregnancy!




Are metal detectors safe for pregnancy? Any more it’s really tough to go to any sporting event, concert, or travel without going through some sort of metal detector. The good news is that this has been widely studied and has come back with the answer of “it is extremely unlikely to cause any sort of fetal effects”.


We are exposed to radiation all the time in our daily lives. It is such a small amount of radiation that we are exposed to during these scans, that it most likely will never affect us.


For those of you that are still concerned, almost all events and airports will allow you to take a physical “pat down” as an alternate to going through the metal detector.


It’s important that you talk to your doctor about their take on metal detectors.




Leave a comment on other pregnancy myths you have heard of. We want to hear about the craziest ones!


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