An Unforgettable Trip

July 18, 2018

Giving has been proven to be one of the greatest joys in life. In doing so, we have chosen to start a series based around giving back. We first hear about a simple gesture at a nail salon that turned in to something so much more. Below is more the The Guilty Giver. 


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“We were able to use the leftover money to pay for our honeymoon!”


Sometimes in life, you will discover that things have a weird way of working out. Our next story comes from Emmalyn, my wife. She truly shows the meaning of selflessness when it comes to other people. Her story is not only inspiring, but also shows how “filling the cup of others” comes full circle. 


The Story:

Almost 4 years ago, I went to get my nails done at a local nail salon I have always gone to. It is the kind of place you can hear other people’s conversations easily, if you want to. This time though, I could hear the frantic voice of the woman at the register. She had discovered that her wallet was not in her purse. After you could tell she was calling anyone and everyone for help, I decided to pick up her tab, anonymously. (Note: Emmalyn mentioned there were enough people in the salon that the woman couldn’t have known who picked up the tab). The blank stare on her face as she walked out the door was the best!

A few weeks later, as I returned back to the salon, they recognized my nails as “The woman who picked up her tab”. It turns out this woman was hunting me down! She had reached out to the nail salon (who couldn’t give my information) and posted to social media about the deed that had been done and wanted to meet with me.

We found time to meet in person and that is when she got to see my blank stare. Her and her husband own a photography studio and they told us that they were going to shoot our wedding. FOR FREE! This was a completely overwhelming experience and totally unexpected.

As overwhelming as that was, it came at a perfect time. My husband and I were struggling to stay under budget for our wedding, which was putting stress on our honeymoon plans. With this gesture, we were able to use the leftover money to pay for our honeymoon! A trip that we will never forget!


Take Away:

Emmalyn’s story may be unique to the scale of what occurred, but is so common in the ripple effect that took place. Not only did she positively affect the woman at the nail salon, but so many others along the way. She learned that the photography studio didn’t just decide to give back to her just because of her gesture. This is something the studio has been doing for a long time for deserving people. You see, they have been sending a ripple affect out of their own. I can’t help but wonder if the ripple they created years ago, finally reached Emmalyn in that nail salon.

As a Guilty Giver, this can be hard to give freely of funds, but it is inspiring that a simple gesture can create a ripple effect that is out there for years, influencing those near and far.

Be sure to check out Emmalyn on instagram @emmalyn_shinelikenoonday or at her website,


- The Guilty Giver



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